• Get Out of the Rain and into the Cloud

    There are plenty of great reasons to move your IT operations into the cloud, but the most important reason of them all is that it just makes good business sense. It's clear that the cloud saves organizations money, especially SMBs including small office/home office (SOHO) setups. With that type of savings, it’s easy to put something away for a rainy day
  • Serious Companies Are Seriously Secure

    Information Security is not just a logistical challenge or a custodial task; it is a fundamental part of an organization’s competitive advantage and a reflection of their values. If an organization is serious about upholding its reputation, protecting sensitive data and rewarding the trust of its customers, it will be reflected in its Information Security program.
  • Critical Networks Demand Reliability

    Today’s networks are a complex configuration of various devices, vendors, services, locations and technologies that often struggle to work well together. Smart business means having a network that responds well to new trends and challenges. Reliable network services equals increased performance and better business results.

Core Service Areas

IT Consulting

Have IT challenges? Our team of consultants can help augment your business operations by providing general hardware and software support services

Security & Compliance

Feeling insecure? Your company and client information is important, so let us help you secure your network and the data that supports it

IT Project Management

Need to replace old or add new technologies? We can manage your IT projects to ensure you get the right solution, for the right price at the right time

Managed Solutions

Year after year cloud computing users continue to increase. Whether you’re a Small to Medium Sized Business (SMB) or a Fortune 500 company, the move to the cloud is increasingly making more sense (not to mention dollars) as according to Forbes, Cloud Computing is up to 40 times more cost effective for an SMB, compared to running its own IT system. Just a little something to think about.

Traditional phone services offer…. Just that… traditional phone services, and many times this is without any new added features. Voice Over IP (VOIP) companies, on the other hand, provide the basic phone service, in addition, they also include a whole host of advanced features that could considerably improve your organization’s efficiency and productivity by way of your phone system.
Your organization operations is only as reliable as the network you are on. With increased need for internet access for services comes an increased need for internet bandwidth. Our team of partners provide advanced network communication solutions for organizations of any size and scale.


As a business owner or even just the person responsible for assuring your organization’s technology demands are met in a cost-effective and timely fashion, you need to spend less time shopping for IT solutions in order to spend more time overseeing smooth company operations. Allow us to serve as your trusted adviser and one-stop shop for all of your network needs, because we believe when it comes to achieving long term success... Staying Busy helps… But having a strong team Worx!
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A Few of Our tRUSTED Partners
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What Sets Us Apart


With over 20 years of experience working across various industry verticals and a myriad of technologies, we are able to develop, design, build, test and manage integrated system services and solutions to meet your core functional needs.


We don’t settle and therefore, we don't ask that you settle either. We go out of our way to find the best ways to provide our clients with cost-effective IT service and solution options without sacrificing the quality of our customer care.


Our extended backend network of vendors and consultants enables us to ensure our clients are able to find the right answer to their needs without having to "shop around". Our centralized function improves operational efficiency.


We don’t just get to know your business, we take a sincere interest in it and genuinely want to help your organization reach its full potential. We make sure we apply the human touch and invest ourselves in each and every project.

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